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To have a correct working of this website, sometime are installed in your device small data files called “cookies”.
What are the “cookies”?

A cookie is a small text file that websites save in your computer or mobile while you visit them. Thanks to cookies you can smoothly navigate in the website, the website remembers your activities and preferences (for instance the language, dimension of characters and other setups of visualization) such as you haven’t to setup again when you come back in the website or you pass from one page to the other.
How and which cookies does the website use?
Name       Type         Aim and description of cookie
Wordpress! cookie
Technical cookie       They are used to guarantee a smoother navigation in the website.

How to control the cookies?
You can control and verify the cookies as you want – to know more visit
You can cancel the cookies already present in the computer and setup nearly all the browsers to block the installation. If you choose this option, you will have to modify manually some functions each time you visit the website and it is possible that some services or functions are not available.

Manage of cookies
The user can decide to accept or not the cookies using the setup of his own browser.
Attention: total or partial disable of technical cookies can compromise the use of functions reserved to registered users. At the opposite, the use of public items is possible also fully disabling the cookies.
The disable of “cookies” third party doesn’t compromise the navigation.
The setup can be defined specifically for each site and web applications. Moreover best browsers allow to define different setup for cookies “proprietary“ and for cookies “third party”
As example, in Firefox through menu  Settingsi->Options ->Privacy    it is possible to access to a control panel where it si possible to accept or not the cookies and proceed with their removal.
Internet Explorer: