Highly specialized technicians with 20 years experience in inspection machines for pharmaceutical market guarantee the customer to have the up-to-date technology, innovative solutions and a professional after sales service.
Convel strong attitude to R&D allows it to continuously find the right solution to all the new challenges coming from the fast changing and demanding pharmaceutical market.
Convel takes care internally of all the details of the design process, from the accurate mechanical and software design to the selection of best materials and worldwide distributed components. The manufacturing processing is followed step by step up to a complete and deep testing of the machines.
Philosophy of Convel design is the attention to the use of the machine from operators and maintenance engineers in order to propose a user friendly machine but without accepting any compromise in the quality of inspection. Reduced number of parameters for electronic setup, easy size change and no hidden parts for a complete access to the machine are a must and a great advantage of every Convel project.