Advanced Features
• Inspection criteria
Foreign matter as fibers and glass, cosmetic defects, sealing of vials, filling level, stopper and flipoff defects, code rings, shape of ampoules tip
• Inspection area
100% of glass sidewalls including neck, bottom and shoulder area, crimping and flip off of vials, ampoules tip
• Illuminations by long life, high power LED
According to the application: bottom light, backlight, top and front lights, black or white background
• Touchscreen interface
A touchscreen panel allows visualization of counters, batch codes, alarms and parameters setup; protection by different levels of password
• Options
Continuous or step by step movement. Various inclination and illuminations according to the product. Upgrade to visual inspection by means of camera and monitor
• Fast changeover
Simple and fast product changeover: 15 minutes without tools nor skilled personnel
• Modular layout
Stand alone layouts with infeed/outfeed by trays or in line connection


semi-automated visual inspection

The Semi-automatic Inspection Machine helps the operator in the visual inspection of ampoules, vials and syringes filled with liquid, powder or lyophilized.

The great number of options and possible layouts due to the traditional Convel modular design, the smooth and silent movement, the user friendly interface, many glare free illuminations make RC the best method to overcome the tedious and slow manual control performed by the operators. The containers are transported by a set of rollers tilted at the most suitable angle. Containers are rotated on their axis to allow the operator to inspect all the 360° of the surface with the help of high optical quality lens and mirrors.
In case of liquid products, containers are fastly spun before inspection in order to twirl particles. Rejection can be manual or automatic by means of an infrared rays barrier.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH)
about 300 x 100 x 170 cm
450 Kg
Electrical / Power
230V ± 10%   50/60 Hz   1,5 Kw
Machine speed
Up to 6.000 pcs/hr
Recommended speed
2.000 ÷ 4.000 pcs/hr
Loading height
950 mm ± 50 mm
Container types
Ampoules, syringes and vials
Acoustic noise
75 dB
Container sizes
Ø9 ÷ Ø78 mm (0,5÷1000 ml)
Lyophilized, powder, liquid solutions
VDE/CE/EN requirements
FDA validation package provided

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The Semi-automatic Inspection Machine helps the operator in the visual inspection of ampoules, vials and…