Main Strengths and Features

• Machine
Compact design with modular system for different containers
Siemens PLC and display
Automatic repeat mode available
Stainless steel and FDA approved plastic material
Compliance to 2046/42/CE rules
Fast size change with two pieces only (one minute maximum)

• Inspection system
Two illumination systems: back light and bottom light
Illumination by high power long life LED
Black mask for meniscus
Black and white background
Polaroid filter

• Special features
Spinning motor with adjustable speed
Sliding magnificent lens 2x

• Installation and training
No installation
Not specific skills needed


Operator can turn on the bottom light or the back light or both. He can adjust the intensity of the backlight and the speed of the spinning motor by two potentiometers in the front of the bench.
By PLC display on front panel of he can set the duration of spinning and visualizes the speed of spinning in order to have a repeatable condition of test.
Operator puts the container in the spindle and presses the pushbutton on the side of the bench; the container rotates and then suddenly stops.



The particles inside the liquid twirls and become easily visible. Operator uses a lens to better identify their presence. The lens has adjustable position for better comfort of the operator.
Operator can choose white background, or illuminated or total dark (using a sliding black mask). An additional mask, between the container and the lens, is used to cover the undesired reflections of the meniscus.


bench for visual inspection

The TB inspection bench is the best, easy and compact solution for samples inspection to detect particles and cosmetic defects of containers.

TB is a compact table top bench designed to perform the visual inspection of containers to detect the particles inside the liquid.
It can be installed in laboratory for quality test or it can accompany automatic inspection machines for periodical evaluation of results. The execution of the test is absolutely simple and safe for the operator.
The bench is available in two different version:
the complete manual bench that include a magnificent lens used by the operator to see the containers and inspect it after spinning;
the automatic version with a camera and a laptop that inspect automatically the container. The operator has only to load the bench, start the test and unload the bench.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH)
about 420 x 200 x 600 cm
12 Kg
Electrical / Power
230V ± 10% 50/60Hz 1 Ph 250W
Containers dimensions
1 to 250 ml
Containers types
Ampoules, cartridges and vials
Container sizes
Ø8 ÷ Ø52 mm
Maximum containers height
130 mm

bench for visual inspection
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The TB inspection bench is the best, easy and compact solution for samples inspection to detect particles and…