+ Advanced Features
• Leak test
Pulses trains at high voltage up to 35KV with frequency around 1000 Hz. Fast, proven and efficient system without degradation nor contamination of the product
• Leak test area
Area surrounding the inlet gates and bottom welding.
• Foreign matter inspection
Each station is equipped with up to 5 cameras (colour and BW)
• Detectable particles
Fibers, dark particles, clear plastic particles
• Special features
Set of in-built connectors for automatic check of electronics for leak test
Aspirator for ozone evacuation
Illumination system based on long lasting LED with different colours.
• CFR21/Part11 compliance
User friendly HMI based on 17” touchscreen PC running on Windows with full audit trail functions and several levels of passwords
• Additional controls
Inspection of flip off, label presence, OCR-OCV, bar code inspection and other on request


automated visual inspection of plastic bags

The BM machine performs in automatic way the inspection of particles and the leak test of plastic bags; as option it is possible to add a labeler and other cosmetic controls.

The operator positions the bags over an infeed belt between some slots. A pneumatic arm collects automatically the containers one by one and positions them between the pinces of a turret. The turret moves in intermittent way through four stations each one dedicated to a different test. Two stations are dedicated to inspection of foreign matter after rotation of bags along their horizontal axis, one to the leak test with high voltage method and one to the labelling. Rejects bags are automatically expelled by falling, while accepted proceed towards outfeed belt.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH)
200 x 250 x 200cm
3500 Kg
Electrical consumption
6 KW
Machine speed
Up to 1500 bags/hr independent from the size
Containers type
Semirigid bags
Material of bags
PE or PP
Container sizes
from 50 ml up to 2000 ml
Minimum conductivity of liquid
30 microSiemens/cm

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