Advanced Features
Image processing is performed by an industrial PC; Illumination systems are provided by high power long life fanless LED;
Software for automatic execution of Knapp test with graphic visualization of results available; performance rate calculation software system included.

Special features
Wide range of product / package types; Ease of access for maintenance and cleaning; Quick format change.

CFR21/Part11 Compliance
User friendly HMI based on 19” touchscreen PC; Password protected access levels; Audit trail function.

Visual Inspection System
Standard configuration:

  • Foreign contaminants inspection: 4 cameras;
  • Heavy particles detection: 1 camera;
  • Cosmetic defects detection: 1 camera – alu-cap and
    flip-off, 1 camera – container body (cracks, scratches,
    black spots; ampoule ring color, OPC, black spots);
  • Ampoule Tip inspection: 1 camera.

Key Points
Innovative recipe management: easy and quick setting of the visual inspection parameters;
Maximum flexibility in setup and configuration of illumination systems: bottom light, back light and polarized light can be used individually and / or combined;
Digital megapixel cameras via Gigabit Ethernet / USB3 standard.


automated visual inspection

C3 equipment is designed for the 100% fully automated visual inspection of glass and plastic containers ranging in diameter between 8 mm and 78 mm at a maximum production speed of 200 unit per minute.

C3 equipment is made up of visual inspection systems belonging to three categories:

  1. Foreign contaminants inspection: the container to be inspected is spun before reaching the unit;
  2. Cosmetic, cap, tip, fill level inspection: the container to be inspected is spun when passing through the unit;
  3. Other inspection units: optional or custom controls.

Multiple infeed and outfeed configurations are available according specific containers and user requirements:

  • Manual loading and unloading: Tray in / Tray out + rotary turntables as an option;
  • Inline connection: Conveyor in / Conveyor out.Four (4) separate exits dedicated to conforming and defective containers.
  • Glass and Plastic Vials
  • Glass ampoules
  • Glass cartridges
  • Liquid: water based, oil based, suspensions
  • Freeze-dried
  • Foreign matters as particles (reflecting / non reflecting) and fibers
  • Heavy particles
  • Cosmetic defects and Fill level
    • Ampoule: tip shape and height, ring and OPC absence
    • Vial: alucap and flip off defects
    • Cartridge: Plunger position and insertion, product or foreign particles between ribs, number of ribs

Technical Specifications
Dimensions (LxWxH)
about 3500 x 1600 x 2300 mm
850 Kg
Electrical / Power
400V ± 10% 50/60 Hz 3Ph+N+GND 2,5 Kw
Air consumption
6 m3/hr – 5 bar
Machine Speed
Up to 200 pcs/min
Spinning Speed 
300 ÷ 3000 rpm
Loading Height 
Containers types
Ampoules, vials, cartridges, bottles
Container sizes
Ø8 ÷ Ø78 mm
Minimum height of containers 
45 mm
Maximum height of containers 
180 mm
Ampoules, vials, cartridges, bottles
Acoustic noise 

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The Automatic Inspection Machine C2 is a reliable and efficient system to inspect a wide range of ampoules…