Convel is a consolidated reality in the design and manufacturing of automatic machines for quality control in pharmaceutical, food and beverage. Exploiting a 20 years experience in pharmaceutical field, Convel provides innovative solutions, confirmed by international patents, for automatic and semiautomatic inspection machines for foreign matter detection in injectable products and for leak test in ampoules and vials with high voltage method.

The reliable and powerful vision system Fast VisionTM, fully developed by Convel, allows our automatic inspection machines (C2 serie and C2D serie) to inspect the containers by means of multiple digital cameras at high frame rate performing complex algorithms of image processing.
A ten years experience in high voltage systems allowed us to provide now a well tested electronics working on our patented handling device for the leak test (TS serie) both in glass containers for pharmaceutical use and in PET or HPDE for food and beverage.

Semiautomatic machines (RC serie), by means of antireflection lenses or high resolution cameras, still remain, instead, a irreplaceable assistance to the operator in the inspection of lyophilized or powder.
Common characteristic to all Convel’ machines is the concept design based on the matching of quality with three compulsory rules: minimum maintenance, fast size changeover and easy cleaning.
In addition, Convel’ machines match the tightest international rules of pharmaceutical industry; in fact, Convel supplies all the protocols for validation (DQ/IQ/OQ/PQ) and our standard Convel OP interface guarantees the compliance to CFR21/part11.

Activity of Convel is completed by an historical ‘business unit’ dedicated to the development of electronic control systems with applications in the fields of renewable energy sources  (photovoltaic lamps and aeolic generators), of devices for handicap and machineries for gold jewellery. This long lasting tradition of Convel as R&D partner in several different fields and an ‘open mind’ attitude allowed us to build a profitable and continuously innovative cross-contamination of technology among different applications.
Our flexible and smart team, together with a deep knowledge of the most up-to-date technologies, is the best way to meet all the different needs of a fastly changing industry.


semiautomatic inspection machine for powder and lyophilized

High voltage leak test device



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